Update to Brizzly for iPhone

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and used our iPhone app. We’ve just released Brizzly for iPhone v1.1 (called “Brizzly for Twitter” in the iTunes App Store), featuring the following bug fixes:

  • Avatars load correctly in iOS 4.0.x
  • Fix for stale/old tweets in timeline on initial load
  • Fixed problems when rotating the in-app browser
  • Removed account selector from posting form
  • Fixed font rendering when viewing individual tweets
  • Accounts for shortened link length in character counter
  • Fixed rendering of tweets containing long unbroken text
  • “Post” button deactivates when character count is -1 instead of 0

It’s still free, so update or download today and check it out!

Brizzly Guide video introduction

We’ve told you about Brizzly Guide before, but a picture is worth 1,000 words, and a video is worth roughly 1,000 pictures (depending on your screen resolution). So enjoy our million-word explanation of Brizzly Guide here:

Brizzly Picnics: something different (and better)

It would be pretentious to call Brizzly Picnics revolutionary. We risk selling ourselves short if we call it a group chat interface. Somewhere in the middle is the truth: Brizzly Picnics are a new way of sharing with the people you know.

You know as well as we do that there are a lot of ways to share information online these days. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, Skype and countless others provide many opportunities for this kind of thing. So why build a new one?

Because it’s better. How?

Brizzly Picnics are easy
A picnic is a simple, casual place to have lightweight conversations and share things (a photo, video, link, comment) with your friends, family or coworkers.

Brizzly Picnics are fun
Photos, videos and tweets automatically show inline, making for a great reading experience. Videos play right inline, so you don’t have to click away. A good picnic feels like a great dinner party (only you can show people that YouTube clip instead of describing it).

Brizzly Picnics are private
You choose who’s in your picnic. There’s a list of who’s there, so there’s no surprises. There’s no need to worry about fiddling with privacy settings.

You can have a different Brizzly Picnic for every group that matters to you
Have one picnic for your family, one for your close friends, another for your softball team – don’t worry about whether or not EVERYONE will find your latest link interesting.

What are you waiting for? Go start a picnic now!

WordPress.com acquires Plinky

Plinky logo

The Thing Labs team is excited to announce that our friends at Automattic, makers of WordPress.com, are the proud new owners of Plinky! We’re happy to hand off Plinky to a company that knows and loves the world of blogging and content creation.

When we launched Plinky as “a service that makes it easy for you to create inspired content on the web” we had high hopes and quickly gained many faithful daily contributors. We’re eager to see how Plinky can continue to inspire in the days to come.

Not only are we excited that the original idea will live on in some form with people we trust, but it means we at Thing Labs can continue to focus on Brizzly, which lets you talk and share with the people important to you.

We’re proud of what we built with Plinky, and we’re glad it can continue to exist in some form at WordPress.com.

Brizzly Pics: Celebrity Edition

Why who’s this handsome gentleman sitting in the lap of this other gentleman?

Sweet success –@aplusk

Why, it’s Ashton Kutcher, who snapped this pic of himself and David Letterman when he was on “The Late Show” recently, and posted it…to Brizzly! Personally, we’re Letterman kind of people around here, so when our man Ashton got a Brizzly screenshot on the late-night king’s show, we were ever so proud. See the clip here:

Brizzly shirts available now

A common question we hear when people lay eyes on our mascot, Phineas T. Brizzly, is “OMG DO YOU HAVE SHIRTS?” Until now, we had to say, “No.”

Now we’re able to say a proud and excited “Yes!” Head to the Brizzly Gear shop to get your very own Brizzly shirt today!

More new features: camera control, themes, emoji and iPad view

More Brizzly goodness comes your way today with the following new features:

Camera control
Take pictures with a built-in or USB webcam (like Apple’s iSight) and post with Brizzly. Click the camera icon to try it. You can even zoom in and apply color filters or crazy effects!

camera control 01

Using a built-in camera to take a picture

camera control 02

Applying effects

You might notice that things look a little different around here. For starters, we’ve updated the default theme to a nice blue one that we think is a little easier on the eyes. Go to your settings page for three other options – let us know what you think!

themes 01

One of four new Brizzly themes

Along with the new themes comes emoji! Sometimes words alone cannot express the sentiment you’re trying to convey…but a smiley with hearts for eyes can convey that sentiment perfectly. (Emoji is the Japanese term for picture characters. They can be seen on Brizzly and in mobile devices like the iPhone, but may not show on Twitter’s website or in Facebook yet.)

emoji 01

Emoji characters can now be posted to Brizzly!

iPad interface
You can use the Brizzly iPhone app on your iPad, but for the best experience, we recommend simply visiting brizzly.com in Safari on your iPad. We’ve optimized the interface for maximum viewing and tweeting pleasure. (If for some reason you don’t like it, visit and bookmark http://brizzly.com/?ui=web and you’ll see the standard Brizzly web interface.)

ipad 02

Brizzly on the iPad