Monthly Archives: June 2009

Announcing Thing Labs, Inc.

The company formerly know as Plinky, Inc. has some big news to share:

We’ve got a new name
While Plinky is still the name of our beloved content-encouragement site, we’ve decided to change the name of the company to Thing Labs.

We’ve got a new VP of technology
Chris Wetherell has joined us as our vice president of technology. Chris worked with Jason on Google Reader and Blogger, and adds talent, leadership and a surprising amount of singing to Thing Labs.

We moved
While we liked our surroundings in our original Lafayette, Calif. office, we like our new ones in San Francisco’s beautiful Mint Plaza even more. There’s a Blue Bottle Coffee, great restaurants, orange chairs and a whole lot more. Our office itself is much more suitable for coding, writing, discussing, creating, blasting Lil’ Wayne, and all of the other things required to make great software.

We’re working on new things
Don’t worry – Plinky the product will continue to live on, providing inspiration for you to write and share content with the world. But we’ve been bitten by more than one creative bug lately, and we’re building some fun new things that we’ll be able to share with you soonish.