Monthly Archives: September 2009

New product: Let’s Be Trends (a trend API)

We’re launching a brand new service that expands upon the trend explanations that have been native in Brizzly since we started out. It’s called “Let’s Be Trends,” and it’s an API that allows developers to use our user-supplied, user-edited trend explanations in their apps.

Let's Be Trends

If you’re a software developer interested in having trends and news in your app, check it out:

New: user-to-user invitations

Good news:

If you’re a current Brizzly user, we’ve enabled invitations in your account: look under the “Trends and news” bar in the right-hand navigation column. Go tell your friends how much you love Brizzly (and we’ll tell ours how much we love you).

Also, we made a new introductory video, which is in HD and is a bit more detailed and easy to see than our previous video. It also covers our new photo upload feature (and features some original music composed by yours truly).

New feature: Brizzly Pics

For a few weeks now, our new product Brizzly has been in private beta, and reactions have been more positive than we ever could have expected. (Haven’t had a chance to check it out? Watch this handy video for an overview.)

Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature for Brizzly: photo upload with Brizzly Pics.

Sharing photos on Brizzly is easy: just click the camera icon found under the update field and choose a photo from your computer (jpg, jpeg, png or gif only, up to 10 MB). Once it uploads, we’ll auto-populate the update field with a link to the photo. You can add some text, or not, and update as you normally would. Brizzly users will see your picture inline:

Tweet w/Brizzly pic

Tweet w/Brizzly pic

…and everyone else will get a link to a page with the photo:

Brizzly pic

Brizzly pic

Enjoy, and as always let us know if you have questions, comments, feedback, etc.