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Brizzly trend style guide

Our “trends and news” feature is some users’ favorite part of Brizzly – explanations of the top ten trending topics from Twitter. What you might not realize is that you can contribute or edit those descriptions yourself – just click the “explain this trend” (or “Be the first to explain this trend”) link on any topic, and make your contribution.

An explanation in Brizzly's "Trends and news"

An explanation in Brizzly's 'Trends and news'

While some folks enjoy the goofier explanations that show up there from time to time, our goal is for that section to be more informative and useful than funny (though those things aren’t mutually exclusive). To help you strike the right tone and provide other Brizzly users with great explanations, we put together some tone, style and usage guidelines that you can view here:

Are Twitter trends not really for you? We’re working on making that section of the site even more useful to everyone – rest assured that you’ll see some changes there in the future that you’ll probably like.

Tell us what Brizzly merch should look like (and meet our mascot)!

One piece of feedback we’ve heard over and over again from Brizzly users is “OMG YOUR BEAR IS SO CUTE I LOVE HIM!!!” (One person even proposed marriage, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards.)

We agree – he’s pretty darned cute. Here’s a little bit about him:

Phineas T. Brizzly

Phineas T. Brizzly

Name: Phineas T. Brizzly
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Birthplace: Lolo National Forest, Mont.
Education: B.A. Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago
Current location: San Francisco, Calif.
Twitter username: @phineasbrizzly

We’d like to make some shirts with Phineas on them, and we want your opinion about what they should look like, as well as what other Brizzly merchandise, if any, you’d be interested in owning. Please fill out this very quick survey, and we’ll love you forever:

New user profiles

Since we first invited people to start using Brizzly, we’ve been getting the question, “Where’s the lists of my followers and the people I’m following?” Until now, we had to say, “Nowhere.”

This weekend, though, we rolled out new user profiles and…wait for it…your follower/following lists! To see your profile, click the new “Profile” link from the left-hand sidebar. There, you’ll see the numbers of:

  • people following you;
  • people you follow;
  • tweets you’ve marked as favorites;
  • people you’ve muted.

Click one of those and we’ll show you the associated list. Here’s a “following” list:

'Following' list

'Following' list

Click a username on one of these lists to see that user’s profile within Brizzly. Click a user icon to be taken to that user’s Twitter page. Other users’ profiles show the same information as yours, except for who they’ve muted (as much as you may want to know if you’re on that list, we’re not going to tattle.) Check it out and give us your feedback on our contact page.