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Brizzly now open to the public (and other big news)

As of today, Brizzly is open to anyone – no invitation code required any more! We’ve had a great couple of months since we first launched to a small group of friends, and we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have tried Brizzly to this point and given us your honest feedback on the product (or simply continued using it). We love what we do and we’re happy to be able to share it with even more of you. (We’ll still be in beta for a bit, which just means we’ll be continuing to experiment as usual.)

Ben Darnell

(l-r, Phineas T Brizzly, Ben Darnell)

As if that weren’t big enough news, there’s more. First, we’re welcoming Ben Darnell to the team. Ben comes to us from Facebook, where he was working after the company acquired FriendFeed. Prior to that, Ben was an early Googler and founding member of the Google Reader team (where he worked with our own Chris Wetherell, Dolapo Falola and Jason Shellen). Ben will do amazing things with us, working to begin our efforts in a much larger framework for communication and content discovery. This will include a built-out infrastructure, APIs and more. In other words, this is a huge addition to our engineering team! Welcome, Ben.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a new feature: on-the-fly translation of tweets. Whenever you see a Twitter update in a language different from your default language in Brizzly, click the “?” next to the star icon in any tweet and we’ll show you a translation (courtesy of Google Translate).

Thanks for helping make Brizzly great, now go tell a friend about Brizzly!

Good news about groups!

As of today, any groups you create in Brizzly are now synced with Twitter lists (a new Twitter feature similar to Brizzly’s groups). We took your existing Brizzly groups and converted them to Twitter lists. We now show you these and any existing Twitter lists in Brizzly. Important things to know:

  • We’ll show you up to three of your lists in the left-hand menu. To see more, click “All lists.”
  • Any changes you make to lists on Brizzly (renaming, adding or removing members, deleting, creating, etc.) will be reflected on Twitter and vice versa.
  • You can create up to 20 lists, and each list can have up to 500 people on it.
  • If you don’t see the lists conversion in your account, log out of your account and log back in.
  • In order to make room for lists, we moved your pictures and drafts links to tabs at the top of your timeline. We also removed the link to your favorites (to see them, just go to your profile and click “favorites” there).
Lists in Brizzly

Lists in Brizzly


Facebook in Brizzly


Phineas dressed up for Facebook

Did you know that Brizzly now works with Facebook? You can view your Facebook news stream just like you view a Twitter account in Brizzly. To add a Facebook account, just go to Settings > Facebook and click “Add a Facebook account.”

Just like with Twitter accounts, we’ll expand short links, images, videos and maps inline. And in addition to your standard news feed, we’ll also show you “Recent Activity,” which is just the posts that you’ve liked and commented on, and posts of yours on which your friends have done the same. Here’s what it looks like:

Facebook recent activity

Facebook recent activity

Check it out, and as always, let us know what you think.