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Recent feature round-up

Our engineers work pretty darn hard here at Thing Labs (sometimes they even pause to sleep). As such, we’ve had some great features launch over the last month, some of which may have slipped by you, or if you’re me, you’ve already taken for granted. Here’s a reminder of the Brizzly features we’ve pushed out in the last month:

Groups was one of Brizzly’s earliest features, but when Twitter rolled out its lists system, we wanted to support it. We figured we’d better make the transition smooth, which was tricky! It all worked out, though and any lists you create on Brizzly sync with Twitter lists (and vice versa).

See a tweet in a language you don’t read? Hover over it and click the question mark to see an automatic translation. (Clicking the question mark for tweets in your native language will still show you additional information about the tweet and its author.)

For example, this tweet…

…can be translated like this:

Temporary themes
For the release of “New Moon,” we (well, Chris) decided it would be neat to provide a little extra something for those Brizzly users who were excited about the film. Typing #Jacob or #Edward into the update box brings your choice of oft-shirtless male vampire to the Brizzly interface.

OMG Jacob!

OMG Edward!

Auto-suggest @replies
From the beginning, many users asked for the usernames of the people they follow automatically suggested as they type a username in an update. This week, we turned on that feature, so as soon as you type “@” and a letter, we’ll suggest people to automatically complete the reply.

@reply auto-suggest

@reply auto-suggest

All that and we opened our beta to the public too, so tell a friend about Brizzly! Big thanks to those users who have suggested and requested features – we’re happy to hear your thoughts on our contact page or on Twitter @brizzly (use this link if you’re logged into Brizzly).