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Big news: Brizzly Guide, iPhone app and more!

There’s lots of big news in the world of Brizzly today. May we present to you:

Brizzly Guide
We’re launching the Brizzly Guide today, which expands on the trend explanations already shown in Brizzly by giving each topic its own page. Guide pages are permanent sources for up-to-date information on topics people are talking about. You can access these pages even after a topic is no longer showing in our top 10.

A topic page in the Brizzly Guide

Brizzly for iPhone

Now the best way to view Twitter on the web is available as an iPhone app! This free app is available for download in the iTunes app store today. Brizzly for iPhone brings great features of ours like Twitter list support, media expansion, trends and news, and more to our favorite mobile phone. This application was made possible by our acquisition of Birdfeed, a fabulous Twitter client made by Buzz Andersen and Neven Mrgan. Download it and let us know what you think.

We’ve acquired WikiRank, the visualization web app for Wikipedia data, from our friends at Small Batch, Inc. This is a recent acquisition, so expect future releases to make use of WikiRank technology.

This has all taken a great deal of work, cooperation and time, and we’re incredibly proud and excited to announce them to you today. Please, as always, let us know what you think. If you have feedback, questions or you encounter problems, visit our help page to get in touch.

Featured Brizzly Pic(s): @Factory20

Around the office, one of our reliable sources of entertaintment is looking at searches for “brizzly” in our own app – partly for vain reasons, of course, but largely because we love seeing the resulting photos that have been posted through Brizzly. We call these Brizzly Pics (or sometimes BrizPics for short).

People use Brizzly to post photos, screenshots and images of all kinds of things. For example, @imabuddha recently shared a snap of some delicious looking potato skins he made, @phs_latin_short posted what is presumably a classroom doodle, and our friend @donald gave a preview of a gadget he’ll be reviewing for CNET. There are cats, dogs, utensil SNAFUs, questionable Amazon recommendations, and, of course, bees with Will.I.Am’s head.

We’ll be featuring other interesting Brizzly Pics as we find them regularly on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled. This week, take a look at this vintage furniture set, artfully photographed and shared by Washington, D.C.’s @Factory20:

Come across or upload an interesting picture on Brizzly? Email it to us: brizpic AT thinglabs DOT you-know-what.