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Brizzly Pics: Celebrity Edition

Why who’s this handsome gentleman sitting in the lap of this other gentleman?

Sweet success –@aplusk

Why, it’s Ashton Kutcher, who snapped this pic of himself and David Letterman when he was on “The Late Show” recently, and posted it…to Brizzly! Personally, we’re Letterman kind of people around here, so when our man Ashton got a Brizzly screenshot on the late-night king’s show, we were ever so proud. See the clip here:

Featured Brizzly Pic(s): @Factory20

Around the office, one of our reliable sources of entertaintment is looking at searches for “brizzly” in our own app – partly for vain reasons, of course, but largely because we love seeing the resulting photos that have been posted through Brizzly. We call these Brizzly Pics (or sometimes BrizPics for short).

People use Brizzly to post photos, screenshots and images of all kinds of things. For example, @imabuddha recently shared a snap of some delicious looking potato skins he made, @phs_latin_short posted what is presumably a classroom doodle, and our friend @donald gave a preview of a gadget he’ll be reviewing for CNET. There are cats, dogs, utensil SNAFUs, questionable Amazon recommendations, and, of course, bees with Will.I.Am’s head.

We’ll be featuring other interesting Brizzly Pics as we find them regularly on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled. This week, take a look at this vintage furniture set, artfully photographed and shared by Washington, D.C.’s @Factory20:

Come across or upload an interesting picture on Brizzly? Email it to us: brizpic AT thinglabs DOT you-know-what.

New feature: Brizzly Pics

For a few weeks now, our new product Brizzly has been in private beta, and reactions have been more positive than we ever could have expected. (Haven’t had a chance to check it out? Watch this handy video for an overview.)

Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature for Brizzly: photo upload with Brizzly Pics.

Sharing photos on Brizzly is easy: just click the camera icon found under the update field and choose a photo from your computer (jpg, jpeg, png or gif only, up to 10 MB). Once it uploads, we’ll auto-populate the update field with a link to the photo. You can add some text, or not, and update as you normally would. Brizzly users will see your picture inline:

Tweet w/Brizzly pic

Tweet w/Brizzly pic

…and everyone else will get a link to a page with the photo:

Brizzly pic

Brizzly pic

Enjoy, and as always let us know if you have questions, comments, feedback, etc.