Brizzly Guide, Brizzly for iPhone reviewers’ guide

About this Brizzly release

We’re announcing several new developments by Thing Labs:

  • Brizzly Guide
  • Brizzly for iPhone (and Birdfeed acquisition)
  • WikiRank acquisition

Brizzly Guide

Topic pages

Visiting will show you the top 10 trending news topics in the left-hand column, with a sample topic description shown. Click the title of any topic to be taken to a topic page.

Each topic page contains:

  • the name of the topic
  • an explanation (or if new, a “be the first to explain this trend” button”
  • related links
  • topic photo(s)

All content on this page is user-contributed.

A topic page in the Brizzly Guide

Another sample guide explanation

Editing an explanation

Click “edit” or “be the first to explain” to edit the trend. We ask users to follow this style guide when writing descriptions.

Add photos by clicking “Add a new photo.” You can search photos from Flickr’s Creative Commons pool, or link to a photo on the web. Links will be automatically added if you post them in the description.

Adding a photo to a Brizzly Guide topic page

Brizzly for iPhone

Brizzly for iPhone is a feature-rich mobile app that syncs with Brizzly to bring multiple timelines, muted users, image previews, Brizzly Guide, Twitter lists and more together with iPhone enhancements such as “pull-down” refresh and customizable display. To complete this project, Thing Labs purchased the iPhone Twitter client Birdfeed and worked with the developer to release a new version as Brizzly for iPhone.

Getting Brizzly for iPhone

Brizzly for iPhone is available in the iTunes App Store. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, visit the App Store and search for “Brizzly.” On a Mac computer, you may do the same, or visit or this preview.

Brizzly in the iTunes Store

Brizzly in the iTunes Store

Connecting with Brizzly

The first time you open the app, you’ll be prompted either to connect with Brizzly or sign up for a free account. If you’ve got a Brizzly account, enter your Brizzly login information and the application will load your Twitter accounts.

Navigating in Brizzly for iPhone

On first log-in, you’ll have five tabs available: Home, Mentions, News, Messages and More. Home shows the home Twitter timeline for your default Twitter account. Mentions shows @ replies to you. Messages shows sent and received direct messages. More is your link to important settings and options.

Navigation is pretty intuitive – drag your timeline up and down to view tweets, pull down to refresh, and scroll down to your heart’s content – we’ll keep grabbing tweets for you to read.

To compose a tweet, tap the conversation bubble in the top right. Include a photo using our free photo hosting on Brizzly or a Flickr account – we’ll take care of shortening the URL automatically. You can also share your location if you’ve enabled the geolocation feature on Twitter.

Composing a tweet in Brizzly for iPhone

Customizing the tab bar

You can rearrange or replace these to suit your needs. Visit More > My Settings > Edit tabs to rearrange. You can replace any of these except “More” with search, saved searches or Twitter lists (automatically synced with your Twitter account).

See even more information and screenshots at

Wikirank acquisition

Our friends at Small Batch, Inc. have made some great products in their short life as a company – so great that we’ve acquired Wikirank, a visualization app for Wikipedia data, from them.

Wikirank displays which pages are popular and trending in a very simple, easy-to-understand interface. Small Batch shut down Wikirank a while ago (read more about it here), but we saw great potential to include the technology in our work. This is a recent acquisition, so expect to see it in future iterations of our products.